Course curriculum

    1. Lecture 1: Building Great Teams: Introduction

    2. Lecture 2: Creating a culture of Accountability & Responsibility in any team

    3. Lecture 3: Reflection: Improving Accountability & Responsibility in your life

    4. Reflection: Improving Accountability & Responsibility

    5. Lecture 4: From Competition to Collaboration: 5 Steps to transform any team

    6. Video Clip: World Cup Brazil vs. Germany

    7. Lecture 5: From Competition to Collaboration Step 1: Creating a safe environment

    8. Lecture 6: From Competition to Collaboration Step 2: Stop managing people

    9. Lecture 7: From Competition to Collaboration Step 3: Establish the rules of the game

    10. Lecture 8: From Competition to Collaboration Step 4: Unleash the power in your people

    11. Reflection: Purpose in your life and in your team

    12. Lecture 9: From Competition to Collaboration Step 5: Implement processes

    13. Summary: The 5 Steps for creating collaborative teams

    1. Lecture 10: The 4 Steps To Make Relationships Work

    2. Exercise: The 4 Steps To Make Relationships Work

    3. Lecture 11: The Key To Employee Engagement

    4. Additonal Resources: Essence Exercise & Article

    5. Lecture 12: Apply The Engagement Model In Your Team

    6. Lecture 13: Making Diversity & Inclusion work

    7. Lecture 14: Conclusion Module 2: Relationships. Foundation for your happiness and well-being

    8. Exercise Booklet: Module 2 - Chapter 2

About this course

  • $249.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

About This Course

Take Module 2 - Chapter 2 of the Conscious Business Leadership Program and learn how how successful people are creating collaborative, engaged, and well-functioning business teams.

About this course:

  • Learn how to build a culture of accountability & ownership
  • Get 5 steps to move teams from Competition to Collaboration
  • Learn how to improve engagement in any team
  • Understand what's necessary to make Diversity & Inclusion work
  • Learn the 4 steps that will make every relationship work
  • Proven by high-potential executives at global corporations.

“The Success of your life is all about the quality of your relationships. You can’t be successful if your relationships don’t work.” -- Peter Matthies

Contents and Overview

In Module 2 - Chapter 2, you'll get the necessary approaches & insights to move from competition to collaboration, so that you can create teams that are fully engaged, ready to go the extra mile.

You'll get a step-by-step approach for building a culture of responsibility & accountability in your team. You will obtain a Conscious Business approach for team engagement, and you will understand what you need to do to make diversity & inclusion work in your organization.

Developed by experts in human behavior and consciousness, executives and advisors to top business leaders and politicians, this Module uses the wisdom and experiences from successful people and companies to help you improve the way you work, live, and lead.

This Chapter 2 of Module 2 contains 14 videos and 6 exercises.

“I've been applying all the wonderful approaches you've given me, and I'm happy to say it has been going really well. It is so heartening to get e-mails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership and that is all thanks to you.” H.M. -- VP, Intel Corporation

We developed this program because most of us have never learned how to create fully engaged and aligned teams. Look at the problems in your company – most of them go back to people issues – and we still haven’t figured out how to change this. This course will teach you how you can build effective teams: where people collaborate with each other, take responsibility, and treat each other with respect.

This program will give you a leg-up in your career as you build more energized and aligned teams.

Join a movement of thousands of professionals and executives around the world. Create engaged teams that want to make a difference, and help change the way we conduct business in the world.

Who This Course Is For

  • Professionals who want to create more collaborative, aligned teams
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create more inspiring & engaging businesses
  • Individuals who want to strengthen their most important asset for success: their relationship with others
  • Leaders who want to improve engagement & ownership in their teams.


Conscious Business Institute Founder Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI). CBI provides new leadership paradigms for a changing world to clients from 1 to 100,000 employees, including BMW Group, Intel, or Starbucks. Peter was a Principal for one of the world's leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Apax Partners & Co, and for b-business partners, a $ 1 billion pan-European VC fund. Peter lives in Santa Barbara, California and has a passion to help professionals and executives create careers that are deeply fulfilling and extraordinarily successful.