Course curriculum

    1. Lecture 1: Introduction Module 2: Why positive relationships are critical for your success

    2. Lecture 2: The Learning Principle: Removing the reason for conflict

    3. Lecture 3: Using the Learning Principle to improve conflicts & confrontations

    4. Lecture 4: Exercise: Developing your learning mindset

    5. Lecture 5: The Actor-Reactor Principle: Moving from Manager to Leader

    6. Lecture 6: Developing your Actor Mindset

    7. Exercise: Developing your Actor Mindset

    1. Lecture 7: Introduction: Communicating with Power & Authenticity.

    2. Lecture 8: Active Listening: Why you need to listen before you speak

    3. Video Clip Active Listening

    4. Lecture 9: Listening: The most important nuggets you need to remember

    5. Lecture 10: Exercise: Developing your listening skills

    6. Lecture 11: Speaking with Power & Authenticity: Effective communication in any situation

    7. Lecture 12: Exercise: Developing your authentic communication skills

    8. Lecture 13: Applying your communication skills to your work & life

    9. Lecture 14: Conflict: Your opportunity to build trust & connection

    10. Lecture 15: Exercise: Dealing effectively with conflicts

    11. Exercise: Dealing with conflict

    12. Lecture 16: Conclusion: Effective communication & dealing with conflict

    13. Next Up: Building engaged & collaborative teams

    14. Exercise booklet: Module 2 - Chapter 1

About this course

  • $249.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

About This Course

In this Conscious Business Program Module, you'll Learn how the most successful people are creating deeply fulfilling relationships and collaborative business teams.

“The Success of your life is all about the quality of your relationships. You can’t be successful if your relationships don’t work.” Peter Matthies

About this course:

  • Learn how to turn any relationship into a positive experience
  • Understand how to use any conflict to deepen your relationship
  • Learn how to communicate with authenticity & power in any situation
  • Learn the 2 fundamental principles for building empowered & respectful relationships at work & at home
  • Learn how to create positive relationships & effective business teams.

Applied by executives in leading companies, Chapter 1 of this module gives you the necessary approaches & insights to make relationships work – both at home and at work. You will learn exactly what it takes to improve any relationship in your life, so that you can strengthen the most important building block for success: well-functioning, trusting, connected, and deeply fulfilling relationships.

Learn why conflicts arise, and what you can do to deal with them in a way that enriches your and the other person's life.

Contents and Overview

Module 2 - Chapter 1 of “Creating Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams” – provides you with the building blocks for well-functioning relationships and teams. In a structured way, you will:

  1. Learn 2 important principles that are the foundation for any positive relationship
  2. Learn how to authentically communicate in a way that creates trust and understanding - even in a conflict situation
  3. Understand how to deal with any conflict, and how to actually use any conflict to improve the relationship.

Developed by experts in human behavior and consciousness, executives and advisors to top business leaders and politicians, this Module gives you the tools that successful people and companies use. 

This module contains 25 videos and 11 exercises to apply the material to your work and life. We have split this module in 2 chapters to make it easier to digest. Chapter 1 contains 13 videos and 6 exercises, Chapter 2 contains 12 videos and 5 exercises.

“I've been applying all the wonderful approaches you've given me, and I'm happy to say it has been going really well. It is so heartening to get e-mails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership and that is all thanks to you.” H.M. -- VP, Intel Corporation

We developed this program because most of us have never learned how to create and maintain well-functioning relationships. Look around you – our world is full of conflict – and we still haven’t figured out how to solve it. This course will teach you how you can change any relationship: with your spouse, your family, your friends, or your peers at work.

This program will give you an incredible leg-up in any business situation, because you will be able to steer the relationship in the direction you want it to go.

Who this course is for

  • Individuals who want to improve their relationships at home and at work
  • Professionals who want to create more engagement & collaboration in their team
  • Individuals who want fresh approaches for dealing with conflicts and challenging people situations
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create more inspiring & engaging businesses
  • Individuals who want to strengthen their most important asset for success: their relationship with others.


Conscious Business Institute Founder Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI). CBI provides new leadership paradigms for a changing world to clients from 1 to 100,000 employees, including BMW Group, Intel, or Starbucks. Peter was a Principal for one of the world's leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Apax Partners & Co, and for b-business partners, a $ 1 billion pan-European VC fund. Peter lives in Santa Barbara, California and has a passion to help professionals and executives create careers that are deeply fulfilling and extraordinarily successful.