Course curriculum

    1. Lecture 1: Introduction Module 1 - Chapter 6: Create Positive Habits & Live Your Power

    2. Lecture 2: The 5 Steps for Claiming Your Authentic Power

    3. Lecture 3: Overcoming Stress & Struggle: How to Deal With Your Emotional System

    4. Lecture 4: Exercise: Changing Habits That Don't Serve You

    5. Lecture 5: Your Emotional System: Conclusion

    1. Lecture 6: Conclusion Module 1 & Next Steps

    2. Lecture 7: Where You Stand & Where To Go From Here.

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About this course

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  • 8 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

About this Course

Living Your Authentic Power: Develop Positive Habits & Emotional Mastery.

In Module 1-Chapter 6 of the Conscious Business Institute Leadership Program, you'll learn what you can do to remain in your authentic power in stressful and challenging situations.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn about the 5 steps to deal with stress and emotional situations
  • Understand how to create habits that improve your well-being and success 
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Obtain steps to express your authentic power in your daily work and life
  • Develop habits that keep you in your authentic power - even in challenging situations.

About this course:

  • Used by leaders in companies of all sizes
  • All future lectures and upgrades always included for free
  • Opportunity to become a Conscious Business Institute Ambassador.

"The CBI Program has been instrumental in changing my whole view of life and the way in which I approach challenge and adversity. I firmly believe that if more people were to take the CBI Program, this world would be a better place to live and work in."  Z.M., Twitter

Stop Pushing & Working Harder – Start Doing The Work You Are Here To Do

In Module 1- Chapter 6, you'll learn how to break away from the Model of Dominance & Subservience, and how to remain in your authentic power - even when life throws us curve balls.  

Contents and Overview

Module 1 - Chapter 6 of The Conscious Business Institute Leadership Program provides you with 5 Steps to deal with stress, emotions, and "out-of-power" situations.

As you make these 5 Steps a practice in your life, you develop the ability to remain in the "eye of the storm" and to better deal with any pressure-cooker situation. 

This chapter provides you with concrete suggestions to apply your authentic personality in your work and life - and how to reach a sense of ease and calm in your life. 

Developed by human behavior and consciousness experts, executives, and advisors to top business leaders, this chapter provides step 5 of the 5 Steps to Authentic Power, which are necessary if we want to live our full potential as individuals.

We hope you enjoy the program.

Course requirements and prerequisites:

  • Bring an openness to grow and a willingness to make a difference
  • Completion of Chapter 4 & 5 of the CBI Leadership Program.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who want to better deal with stressful and pressure-cooker situations
  • Professionals who want to develop their emotional intelligence & resilience
  • Business leaders who want to master navigating adversity and conflict


Conscious Business Institute Founder Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI). CBI provides new leadership paradigms for a changing world to clients from 1 to 100,000 employees, including BMW Group, Intel, or Starbucks. Peter was a Principal for one of the world's leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Apax Partners & Co, and for b-business partners, a $ 1 billion pan-European VC fund. Peter lives in Santa Barbara, California and has a passion to help professionals and executives create careers that are deeply fulfilling and extraordinarily successful.