Course curriculum

    1. Lecture 1: Introduction Module 1 - Chapter 4: Emotional Mastery - The Reason For Stress

    2. Lecture 2: Removing The Road Bumps In Your Life

    3. Lecture 3: The Model of Dominance & Subservience: How We Behave In The Old Success Paradigm

    4. Lecture 4: How The Model of Dominance & Subservience Keeps You From Living Authentically

    5. Lecture 5: Exercise: Understanding The Model of Dominance & Subservience

    6. Lecture 6: The 3 Existential Fears: The Root Of All Our Fears

    7. Lecture 7: Reflection: The 3 Existential Fears and the 3 Governing Principles

    8. Lecture 8: The 3 Existential Fears: Conclusion

    9. Lecture 9: How You Behave Under Stress: Your Conditioned & Authentic Emotions

    10. Lecture 10: Exercise: How You Use the 5 Conditioned Emotions

    11. Lecture 11: Your Authentic Emotions: How To Break Away From The Conditioned Emotions

    12. Lecture 12: Video Example: How The Conditioned Emotions Screw Up Our Life

    13. Lecture 13: Reclaiming Your Power: What To Do When You Are Triggered In Your Life

    14. Lecture 14: Your Emotional System: The Black-Box Of Your Behaviors

    15. Lecture 15: Your Existential Decision: The Root Of All Stress & Struggle

    16. Lecture 16: Exercise: Determine Your Existential Decision

    17. Lecture 17: Your Existential Decision: Conclusion

    18. Exercise Booklet Module 1 Chapter 4

About this course

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About this Course

Learn How To Remove The Reason For Struggle & Stress In Your Life.

In this chapter of the Conscious Business Institute Leadership Program, you'll learn about our our human behavioral pattern that's at the root of all the stress & struggle in our lives and workplaces.

In this course, you will:

  • Understand the behavioral pattern that lies at the root of all struggle
  • Learn how this default behavioral pattern plays out in our workplaces and lives 
  • Learn how to stay in your authentic power in pressure-cooker situations
  • Understand your typical behaviors that are at the root of every issue in your life
  • Learn about your Existential Decision: the reason for all worries & fears
  • Understand how every business issue is a reflection of this typical behavioral pattern.

About this course:

  • Used by hundreds of leaders in organizations around the world
  • All future lectures and upgrades always included for free
  • Opportunity to become a Conscious Business Institute Ambassador.

"The CBI Program has been instrumental in changing my whole view of life and the way in which I approach challenge and adversity. I firmly believe that if more people were to take the CBI Program, this world would be a better place to live and work in."  Z.M., Twitter

Stop Pushing & Working Harder – Start Doing The Work You Are Here To Do

In Module 1- Chapter 4, you'll learn about our typical behavioral model, which we must address if we want create more fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives and workplaces. 

Contents and Overview

Module 1 - Chapter 4 of The Conscious Business Institute Leadership Program introduces you to the Model of Dominance & Subservience - our model of behavior when we are not in our authentic power. You will understand how the Model of Dominance & Subservience is responsible for all stress and struggle in our workplaces, in our world at large, and even in our personal relationships. 

You'll learn about your Emotional System - the Black-Box of your behaviors - that hidden behavioral pattern that's responsible for all the struggle in your life.

Finally, you'll discover your Existential Decision, the decision you made about life that causes every one of your worries and fears.  

Developed by human behavior and consciousness experts, executives, and advisors to top business leaders and politicians, this chapter provides step 4 of the 5 Steps to Authentic Power, which are necessary if we want to live our full potential as individuals.

This chapter is a cornerstone for building more conscious, inspiring businesses: it addresses how we can overcome the root cause of all pressure, stress, and dissatisfaction! 

We hope you enjoy the program.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who are looking for a more purpose-driven & fulfilling way to work
  • Professionals who want to create success with more purpose & consciousness
  • Business leaders who want to build more inspiring business cultures


Conscious Business Institute Founder Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI). CBI provides new leadership paradigms for a changing world to clients from 1 to 100,000 employees, including BMW Group, Intel, or Starbucks. Peter was a Principal for one of the world's leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Apax Partners & Co, and for b-business partners, a $ 1 billion pan-European VC fund. Peter lives in Santa Barbara, California and has a passion to help professionals and executives create careers that are deeply fulfilling and extraordinarily successful.