Starting September 24, 2019

Whether you're seeking to grow your coaching or facilitation practice, or looking for a purpose-driven way to lead, the Conscious Business Ambassador™ Program is the step-by-step program to get you there.

Many speak about the need to transform the way we conduct business. This program gives you and your company the methodology & toolset to get there.

Combining the latest in organizational development, neuroscience, personal development and human behavior, the CBI Program has already impacted thousands of executives in companies from 1 to 100,000 people – including Intel, Allianz, Starbucks, BMW Group, or Twitter.

Elevate your career. Grow your company. Create the life you love.

Who This Program Is For

  • Coaches & Facilitators

    Grow your business. Learn a proven Conscious Business methodology. Join a global network of like-minded professionals. Leverage your unique strength & purpose.

  • Professionals

    Create a career that's purpose-driven, fulfilling & successful. Position yourself with your authentic leadership personality. Get access to like-minded professionals. Develop resilience, presence, and mindfulness.

  • Business Leaders

    Build a purpose-driven culture. Improve the impact and performance of your company. Get a proven Conscious Business tool-set. Become an inspiring, conscious leader.

What Others Say

Murray Steinman

CEO Flying Horse Communications

“If you’re thinking about taking this program, my recommendation is this: Stop thinking! Take it!” 

Hanne Baensch

VP Siemens

“I found a new freedom & relaxation in my mind. But the greatest thing is that I lost my fear of not being enough.”

Fateme Banishoeib

Lisbon, Portugal

"I took the personality assessment and was almost in tears. I have had so many assessments and always struggle because they never captured the whole me. Today I know my true colors!"

Hussein Mecklai

VP Intel Corporation

“I've been applying all the wonderful learning and I'm happy to say it has been going really well. It’s so heartening to get emails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership – and that is all thanks to the CBI Program.”

Antonella Capizzi

Director People & Culture,

“I AM HOOKED! Someone is able to express in an articulate, clear way what I have been thinking for years! What a relief! If I can become an ambassador of this philosophy, I am absolutely sure that I will finally make my contribution on this planet.”

Tamara Moore

CEO Relevel, LLC

“I’ve had the privilege of over two decades of diverse personal and executive development training. This program is superior to any other development program I’ve taken.” 

Dan Colbert

Venture Capitalist

“This program is transformative. I came out with a profoundly clearer understanding about my own strengths and gifts – and why I tend to get off-center and lose my full power. I am already seeing immediate effects in my personal life and career.”

What Sets This Program Apart From Any Other

  • GET A COMPLETE CONSCIOUS BUSINESS TOOL-SET --- Many provide point-solutions for specific topics. This program gives you a step-by-step approach to create purpose-driven cultures.

  • BUILD THE CAREER YOU LOVE --- Obtain the proven program for enhancing purpose, fulfillment & success in your career.

  • A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS --- Expand your success by BEing yourself rather than constantly DOing more. Learn the new success model and how to get there.

  • EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES --- Expand your tool-box, gain access to larger client projects, become a CBI facilitator, and even make passive income.

  • JOIN A GLOBAL COMMUNITY --- Our CBI Ambassador Network gives you a global community of professionals supporting you in living your purpose.

  • IDEAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT --- We believe in human connection. Our programs combine new learning with human interaction & relationship.

Learn In An Optimum Setting

Researched and implemented for an ideal human learning experience.


Online Learning

Get access to the unique  Conscious Business Institute Culture & Leadership Online Program for self-guided, self-paced learning.


Bi-Weekly Webinars

Bi-weekly webinars deepen the learning, provide a room for questions and an opportunity to interact with other participants and a Conscious Business Coach.

Yoga poses collection - vector


Regular exercises deepen the understanding of the material and help you apply the principles to your personal life and career.

Discussion Groups

Bi-weekly discussion groups with like-minded participants from around the world allow personal interaction, provide a community, and apply the learning material.

Program Cost

Choose what's best for your circumstances: one-time payment or 3 monthly installments.


Conscious Business Institute Founder

Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI). CBI provides new leadership paradigms for a changing world to clients from 1 to 100,000 employees, including BMW Group, Intel, or Starbucks. Peter was a Principal for one of the world's leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Apax Partners & Co, and for b-business partners, a $ 1 billion pan-European VC fund. Peter lives in Santa Barbara, California and has a passion to help professionals and executives create careers that are deeply fulfilling and extraordinarily successful.

International Partner - Conscious Business Institute

Joe Laranjeiro

Joe has spent 18 years working intimately with some of the world’s leading & well-known organizations, most recently as Director and Client Business Partner with the Nielsen Company where he led research & analytics engagements with premier global clients. He currently serves on the board of Conscious Capitalism NYC, as well as the Humane Society of Bergen County.

Join Our Graduates From Over 15 Countries

Be the change you're here to be. Our world needs the unique gift and contribution you bring.

What You'll Experience In This Program

Get a proven approach for being recognized as a Purpose-Driven Leader and for building Purpose-Driven Cultures in any team.

“You Are A Leader, Whether By Default Or By Purpose.”

What You'll Learn

In the CB Ambassador Program Module 3, you'll get a complete Conscious Business tool-set for building Purpose-Driven Cultures. 

  • Shift from being a Manager to being a Leader
  • Develop a 1-minute statement that positions yourself as a purpose-driven leader
  • Understand how to create a strong perception about yourself as a leader
  • Obtain a step-by-step approach for building a purpose-driven culture
  • Integrate an inspiring culture into the DNA of the organization
  • How to create the emotional power of a movement in your company.

Join Our Global Network Of Conscious Business Ambassadors

Program Agenda

Combining e-learning, webinars, individual exercises and discussion groups for an ideal learning experience.

Starting in September until December, you'll go through 36 self-guided online-videos and 16 exercises to apply the material to your life.

Every other week, you'll attend a 60 to 90 minute webinar on Tuesdays at 9:30 am PST / 12:30 EST / 6:30 pm CET, in which we'll deepen the learning experience from the videos, facilitate interaction with the participants, and address any questions.

Webinars will be recorded for individuals who cannot participate.

Timeline & Activities

Week 1-2: Online Learning & Exercises - 2h10m

Kick-Off Webinar 1 (60 min) - Sep 24: Positioning Yourself As A Leader – Building A Purpose-Driven Culture

Course: Making A Difference – Positioning Yourself As A Leader

Course: How Great Leaders Inspire Action – How To Move From Manager To Leader

Discussion Group among Participants

Webinar 2 - Oct 8 (75min)

Week 3-4: Online Learning & Exercises - 1h45m

Course: Developing Your Positioning Statement

Course: Why You Do Everything You Do – Becoming A Purpose-Driven Leader

Discussion Group among Participants

Webinar 3 - Oct 29 (90min)

Week 5-6: Online Learning & Exercises - 1h30m

Course: Applying Your Positioning Statement To Advance In Your Career

Course: Building A Strong Network Of Support

Discussion Group among Participants

Webinar 4 - Nov 12 (90min)

Week 7-8: Online Learning & Exercises - 2h00m

Course: Building A Purpose-Driven Culture

Course: Step-By-Step Template For Building A Purpose-Culture In Your Team

Discussion Group among Participants

Webinar 5 - Nov 26 (90min)

Week 9-10: Online Learning & Exercises - 1h10m

Course: Examples Of Inspiring Business Cultures

Course: Building A Movement

Discussion Group among Participants

Closing Webinar 6 (75min) - Dec 10: Conclusion - Closing - Next Steps

Join The Conscious Business Movement

Create a purpose-driven, fulfilling career. Improve the way we work and live.